Wrapping dogs and painting badgers

I have been having a lovely time preparing for my exhibition! I have also got round to doing some spiffy paintings of animals wearing sweaters. I’m particularly proud of the badger in the sparkly jumper, I love him a little bit.

A dachshund is being posted off to a customer and I think I enjoy wrapping my toys as much as I do making them.

I was also very happy to receive some fabric donations from London fabric print designer and bag maker Black Cactus. i have promised a drawing/painting in return and look forward to sending her something awesome!


If I draw things will it change anything?

Im feeling very pensive at the moment, spending any great deal of time at home always makes me super restless. I guess I will churn out loads of drawings whilst listening to Elliot Smith.


I drew these two yesterday, it made me feel happy for a short while.