We like bunnies not war

So this week has been totally epic, sorry for a lack of lapin related updates. This week I was doing a rabbit workshops using the work of Shepard Fairey OBEY as an example for the kids. Also this week has included the usual lovliness of friends, food, bikes and loves.














Little rest

Sometimes being Mum to 2 kids, one disabled, work, trying to lose weight (awful body problems, hangover from being anoraxic) and other bull shit gets too much. Then my body has an ‘episode’ and I get excruciating stomach pains, panic, dizziness and other awful things. So today I am going to bed, watching dvds, eating nice food and resting.

Here are some photos I took yesterday of where I work…











Small plastic toys, gallery jaunt and beer

So yesterday was pretty much everyones last day at the gallery before the Christmas holidays. Amy put together an amazing pass the parcel with ‘crap from our houses’ and Ollie and I smuggled in a huge box of profiteroles to the Customs House. As usual the night ended in The Dog and as I tottered back home in my high heels I saw a pair of white trainers hanging over a phone line on Devonshire Ave, topped it off for me!


pass the parcel win

dirty filthy loveliness hidden under the table

usual suspects

hello chaps

dinner with Ollie

trainers hanging over phone line

Why not join us?

As the poster says, its a Tuesday, we might be there we might not, but probably. If you freelance, at Uni or just bored of sitting in your bedroom drawing on illustrator come and do it at Aspex! Next week I will be there drawing my learning journey, come say Hi! This is not an ‘official’ aspex activity its just two friends who like making on Tuesday and planning projects and thought the gallery cafe would be an awesome place for you to join us.

Must Have Been…Something You Said

Wow this is pretty exciting I am going to have my work in an exhibition at Aspex Gallery for the first time ever! Alongside some really cool artist like Jodie Silsby, Ashley John and Adam Hayes (previously featured on BWDIW).  So if your free next Thursday 4th November come down to Aspex about 6.30 to see the new work and we also have an after hours event feautirng live performance. Even I will be playing guitar and singing eek.

Portsmouth Vernacular map by Jodie Silsby


Self Congratulatory Banner by Louise Bush (me)

If your local please try to make it to support local artist and other talented national Uk artists and all work is for sale ranging from £25 upwards.