I love Julie Arkell



If I can be half as good an artist as Julie Arkell one day and as radiant oh that would be pretty neat. I first came across her work about 5 years ago and it instantly made a huge impression on me. The mix of paper mache, and fabrics, fairytale characters and folk art, I was smitten.

Artists like Julie inspire me to keep making toys and to never let go of the childlike innocence that drives my work.

My life has been filled with lovely things but also terrible things, from a very anxious childhood where I was bullied and always unsettled to an early onset of mental illness around age 12. Perhaps thats why I do what I do, I can finally be me, make animals and dress in bright clothes and dye my hair bright colours. I no longer have to be afraid.

Thanks Julie, from your inspired fan, Louise x






Workspace, dog place and more.

Im so so thrilled to at last have a studio space again! Its been over a year since I last had a work space to make in.

Our little dog Margot is settling in so well, she sleeps by my feet under the desk as I sew and embroider.

We have faced so many hardships over the past year as a family and I can at last try and have some peace, quiet and space to think and relax in. I don’t underestimate what a special thing this is.










British Sea Birds will be available next week exclusively from Southsea Coffee!


I Love Grey Skies

Every now and again you come across an artist who just fall in love with ‘I Love Grey Skies’ is just that! With one shop under that name and another as Herman Marie you will find the most delightful work. Anything illustrative, happy and that tells a story I am drawn to, I think my animals would love to make friends with some of these characters.


herman lion herman hermandog hermanlionhouse anatomicalmook mooklion

Artist crush

I just have to show my love for Juliana Bright, my husband Dan switched me on to her. Not only is she a kick ass musician(one half of The Golden Bears), Mummy, but also an amazing artist. So I guess I feel an affinity with her that its ok to be married have kids and do all this stuff. She also draws people with bunnies and bunny heads so that’s just tops!


Juliana and husband Seth: The Golden Bears

Golden Bears ep artwork