Why not join us?

As the poster says, its a Tuesday, we might be there we might not, but probably. If you freelance, at Uni or just bored of sitting in your bedroom drawing on illustrator come and do it at Aspex! Next week I will be there drawing my learning journey, come say Hi! This is not an ‘official’ aspex activity its just two friends who like making on Tuesday and planning projects and thought the gallery cafe would be an awesome place for you to join us.


Dead octopus, Special Brew: Portsmouth

I love my City, as you probably know from previous posts! If you have never visited Portsmouth your missing out. Most visitors only ever see Gunwharf Quays. A City is a real place, it has rubbish in it, empty buildings, discarded seafood, gorgeous views and you love it! So yesterday a.m before work I took some photos.

Its not just boats here, but boats are awesome

a secret place

equals happiness


little blue boat

Thats your week sorted

Two Boats


There is a God

Pal Europe looking large

Brunel House

South East


All photos taken on my phone.

Burt is off.

A big thank you to Cat and Jodie who suggested leaving Burt outside the Blue Reef aquarium in Southsea. I will be putting him there on Saturday morning with a little note. If someone wants to give him a home he will be there for the taking! I like the ‘escaped squid’ idea it makes me smile.  I will get in touch to send the girls a free Ooh la Lapin toy as promised. Keep checking the blog as I will be launching another competition in July to celebrate the Ultrasaurus on Southsea common!