All of this turns me on.


Cant stop listening to this band and dancing around in my heels.


this look rocks my world

via: Honestly WTF

literally anything by Andrew Groves makes my day


I do so dearly hope we can stock his work in the gallery, or I would totally love to work with him!

Im currently working on a series of prints about a fox going on a grand tour of Europe with his man servant Caruthers who is a polite otter.


Off up the road

Howdy, Im off up to Cumbria for the next few days to celebrate New Years in style. All cosy in front of a wood burning stove drinking some damson gin I hope.

Joel and I trekking down the road from Granny and Grandpa’s last year.

I just want to leave you with my highlights of 2011…

  • Having work in the Strong Island exhibition at The Round Tower
  • Being asked to join Strong Island as a blogger
  • Visiting the Natural History Museum in London
  • Spending heaps of time with my best friend Heidi
  • Meeting and making some wonderful new friends
  • Southsea Supper Club which couldn’t happen without Southsea Food Social
  • Ooh la Lapin just taking off so well and all the awesome support for it!
  • Becoming an aunt for the first and second time to Lara and Sammy.
  • Taking my daughter to the Andalucian countryside in Spain for a whole week and cooking amazing food.
  • Having my first ever jagerbomb
  • Going to France and Belgium with all the girls from the gallery and discovering I love Belgium.

Thanks everyone for a beautiful 2011 and here’s to 2012!
















Boys Who Do It Well: part 8

Time to thrill (hmmm) some creative male types by immortalising them in the Ooh la Lapin hall of fame that is BWDIW!

Its nice that requests have started coming in, so if you have any suggestions drop me a line. Well without further ado…

Its Luke Moore


Well were do I start? Not only does Luke have awesome taste in music and you can find his wit and wisdom here, but he is also a writer, broadcaster and producer. He makes football fun for total heathens like myself and I love The Football Ramble that Luke co-founded. Through pretty much starting recording in a kitchen he is now doing something he loves and thats what its all about. his bio reads as…

Luke is passionate about football, music and his beloved Portsmouth FC.

Having made contributions to the likes of BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio London, ESPN, Sky News, talkSPORT, Clash Magazine,, Gigwise and football365, he’s carved out a niche for himself as a a hirsute and erudite pundit, writer and broadcaster.

Luke we salute you sir!

Puss-In-Boots by Lee Casey

Next up is Mr Lee Casey, an illustrator and all round good chap.  Check out his work Casey JR Illustration a small taste of this hard working artist. Lee gets involved with the creative scene regularly and is helping to make Portsmouth a fucking awesome place to be as a creative. Good work!

pretty much a genius

This guy is a photographer its Jamie McGregor Smith.

handy with a camera

Jamie is a UK photographer most noted for his work of buildings, landscape, industry and almost a kind of quiet beauty.

Above is Jamies prize winning photo for Urban Wildlife.

New occupant

‘Gaining access to this derelict room symbolised the adversity overcome by this plant. As I peered in and saw the fresh fern fronds, backlit by sunshine streaming through the window, its colour and sense of life seemed exaggerated by the room’s grim, drab appearance. Against all odds the fern was thriving, gaining nourishment from the decomposing floorboards.’ Ferns, along with lichens and mosses, are often the first plants to colonise new or harsh environments. They grow in sites that sometimes aren’t ready for flowering plants, shrubs or trees because of poor soil or a lack of nutrients. By creating soil as they decompose, ferns change the local environmental conditions, making them more suitable for other plant species to follow.

This next guy is an absolute hero of mine and inspiration! Danny MacAskill.

Rides like a wizard

You may or may nor know that I dabble in some Mountain biking, a bit of jumping, downhilling etc. So when I first saw Danny’s video that blew up on youtube I could hardly speak! I was just like WATCH THIS and then you’ll understand. Danny just keeps going from strength to strength doing something he bloody loves and enjoying it. If I ever had a chance to meet Danny I would be so stoked it would be untrue!

Danny has been nominated as adventurer of the year by National Geographic so go vote for him!

This is the video that started it all…

Danny MacAskill

Dannys latest video…

industrial Danny MacAskill

boys who do it well: part 6

Today I’m keeping it local ladies and gents. These boys are creating something gooood….

First up its Quiet Corners Mr Paul Gonella, I cant begin to describe this guys photography/filmwork just go and check it out. Makes me feel otherwordly when I look at some of his work. Check out Forever Circling too, stunning work.



Next up is my good friend and co-worker Ashley John, a constant on the local creative scene and all round gent. This guys work keeps getting stronger and he is a great lesson in how not to give up. If you keep producing and participating you rule the day.  You can see Ashleys work in Aspex current exhibition ‘It must have been something you said’



Next up is someone whose work I have admired from afar, his photos are honest and he applies personality to them (if that makes sense, huh?) Any way their awesome check out Thomas Mccaughan, Tom Time Waster, local bon viveur. I would love to curate some of his images for an exhibition, oh yes.





It was really hard to choose some local lads as there are so many awesome creatives in Portsmouth! So will do some more for sure later. Peace.

Boys who do it well: part 5

It’s that time again when we check out whose hot and well hot in the creative world. I really look forward to this thread every week and of course if you have any suggestions please email them to

Well on with the roll call…


Its the man behind Jim Bob Art whose lovely plates were featured on ooh la lapin about a year ago!  I love his animal illustrations and so does everyone else. We are selling his plates in the Aspex shop too at the moment, score! Thats my Christmas sorted.

“I am not that interested in making money, but do aspire to have enough to pay the bills and allow me to continue doing what I’m doing.” – James Ward


Next up its band Tame Impala.

I really like this band, their music has a kind of uncompromising feel, like yeah were gonna jam out a massive epic track. They sound early Pink Floydish, stoner, psychedelic dreamy rocky lushness… Ooh just listening to them right now makes me want to lay in the grass.

A really frickin awesome artistTom Price.

Tom is British sculptor and has created some amazing work, Tom we salute you! Tom partially melted down the big ball of acrylic rope above to make a chair, watch more in the video about his work here.

Our last entry for the week is Mr Jeremy Day.

He is an illustartor and comic artist and has just finished working/creating on  The Strumpet, I love his style, wit and dedication to the British Comic scene, what a legend.

In an article with Pikaland he says:

Home is Oxford, in the UK, where I live with my husband, cats and haphazard garden. It’s a lovely city, especially at this time of year, when it’s filling up with new incomers, students and hopefuls. It reminds me of the first time I came here.

Like many comics types, I started at school, passing around sarcastic one-panel cartoons drawn in my ancient history workbook during class. When I went up to Oxford in 1989, I found the Comic Book club there (founded by Jenni Scott) and spent the next few years in a dizzy whirl of study by day and comics by night.

Boys who do it well, part 4

Well it’s that time of the week again when we a fix our attention to those creative men who just do it so well…

I’m afraid I have developed a huge crush on this guy, after seeing the movie ‘Submarine’ this week it just wouldn’t have been half as wonderous without the soundtrack by Alex Turner. He deserves top billing on BWDIW for being able to produce some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard!


Next up its Rostarr/Romon Kimin Yang, a New York based artist with a South Korean heritage.

Known for shape-based graphics and colorful abstract paintings, Rostarr blends his South Korean heritage with New York City street culture to create most of his work. To keep with the abstract nature of his paintings, he even resorts to break dancing on canvas to create custom pieces, which has become a staple of his art. Hip-hop, family tradition and B-boying are all ingredients of his portfolio. Check his website here.

Next up is not new to most of you but it’s totally awesome and deserves a special mention. Its HBO hit comedy Bored to Death. If you haven’t watched it yet than I totally recommend you do! Struggling writer becomes a freelance private eye on Craigslist and gets into all sorts of scrapes, just brilliant!

I’m really digging this guys work at the moment, he is called Simon Wheatley and he just takes the most absorbing photos.

His series of photos ‘dont call me urban’ which he produced are fascinating and document a time in the UK fashion and music industry, London, street and gang culture.

Rewind (RWD), beginning in 2004, facilitated contacts that enabled him to chronicle the grime scene that had begun to burgeon in London. At this time he was also working on another project around regeneration at Elephant and Castle. ‘DON’T CALL ME URBAN! The Time of Grime’ therefore represents an assemblage of work that has evolved over the last decade.


The Butcher Kings

Oh isnt it a wonderful thing when two like minded people/artists come together, shut themselves in a cabin for 35 days and produce loads of work for a show. Thats just beautiful and kinda messed up! I warn you though its not for the easily offended so if your a bit squeamish dont click the links, bless you.  Alex Pardee one half of the duo says…


For 35 days straight, Skinner and I shacked up together, cut off the outside world, gave two shits about what anyone wanted us to paint for a new collection of pieces, and laughed our way maniacally through mutual therapy as we may or may not had been committing career suicide. And it was the best 35 days of my life.

If you hadn’t been following us and have no idea what “The Butcher Kings” show is, you can read a pretty good summary of the madness leading up to the event over on my TUMBLR page HERE.


I came across these guys through my love of musician Kimya Dawson and the fact that Alex worked on the art work for her recent release ‘Thunder Thighs’.

There work appeals to me as it involves toys, kitchness, the slightly gross/weirdness and messing with characters from pop culture.

Boys who do it well, part 3.

Well here is you regular fix of talented guys, has it really been a week since the last BWDIW? Outrageous!

Here’s this weeks…

Shepard Fairey is the stuff of legend, graphic designer, revolutionary, arts outreach and the man behind OBEY.

Shepard Fairey won counterculture acclaim in the ‘90s for his iconic OBEY Giant campaign which spread virally around the world in what he dubbed “an experiment in phenomenology”. The many faces of Andre the Giant on street lights and buildings have become so ubiquitous that it’s hard to recall a time when they weren’t always in the corner of your eye.

Next up is three guys doing something different in the form of Das Rascist, a kinda crazy hip hop melting pot of indie rap.


There’s not a single pop-culture meteorologist who could have predicted the strange career path of Brooklyn hip-hop crew.  Das Racist dropped two excellent mix-tapes—Shut Up, Dude and Sit Down, Man—that showcased the skilled wordplay and quick-witted spitting of core duo Himanshu Suri (also known as Heems) and Victor Vazquez (Kool A.D.).

In just a few years Das Racist has evolved into the kind of complex act every ethnomusicologist dreams of writing a book-length thesis about.


Arran Gregory, skater and artist.

Here is an excerpt of an interview with Arran taken from Covent Garden Journal, read the whole thing its rad.

Contrary to popular belief, it seems there’s a lot more to skate culture than baiting security guards and raising hell on walkways, and Arran’s perfectly placed to explain why exceptional graphic art and boundary-pushing video are integral to this urban activity propelled on polyurethane wheels. “Skateboarding’s not really perceived as a sport by those who practice it,” he begins. “It sounds cheesy, but it is a lifestyle. In that lifestyle there aren’t any rules like you get in most sports.”

Without the constructs of seasons, periods, leagues or matches, there’s none of the in-built hierarchy found in many traditional organised physical pursuits. “Skateboarding is all about freedom and self-expression in space. I think that’s what leads to skateboarders being creative; it’s all to do with vision.”

Opening your mind to view the world with child-like wonder is a skill practiced not just by skaters of course, but by artists too. “When you’re a kid you walk around a city and all you do is look for things to play on. The environment is your playground,”

Checkout his website

Boys who do it well part 2

Well it seems the post Boys who do it well was pretty popular! So I am going to make it a regular thing on ‘Ooh la Lapin’, if you have any suggestions just leave a comment and a link!

So this weeks boys are…

Paddy Considine, amazing actor, writer and director. Paddy was also recently diagnosed with Aspergers too, and talks about his experiences here. He is one of those guys you see in so many great British films and dramas, he is basically a legend and hot.

Yeah yeah so I got a thing for this guy, he is energetic, uncompromising and creative as hell! I have mentioned in a previous post he has been a big influence on my current text paintings. Check out his website here and this ace photo shoot with The Selby.

A whole band, The Vaccines! They get a special mention this week for creating there latest video totally from fans Instagram photos! I love it when any kind of artist encourages participation and creativity in others. You can also catch a Vaccines DJ set at Little Johhny Russells on the 22nd October, hell this fan girl is gonna be there.