Feeling Festive

Ah at last I feel its appropriate to start posting about Christmas. This week I started to cut out paper snowflakes to go in the window of our tiny house and it made me feel so excited.

As we are on such a tight budget for Christmas my friends and family have warned me not to buy any gifts for them and just concentrate on our children. I will however make some pretty things as one thing I don’t lack in is fabric and crafty things.

My other gift to my dearest ones is a Swedish style meal and party on Christmas Eve. Spending time with loved ones is what Christmas is all about and also for me making the house even more kitsch. Is that possible?

Here are some of my favourite ideas to inspire you!

How to make 5 pointed snow flake from How about Orange. I followed this and then just varied the cuts I made to produce different designs.

Felt Christmas Ornament Tutorial from Zakka Life. So easy to make and very pretty, I will so be making a few of these!

The lovely ingthings is always full of wonderful ideas, images and super pretty things. I like this pom pom garland with a vintage Christmas ornament hanging from it. So sweet.

Hello Sandwich Advent Calendar garland.  A wonderful way to reuse old envelopes, boxes, paper, cards, stamps and other bits of ephemera.

Eat Drink Chic free downloadable Holiday Gift Tags. How beautiful are these? Also I think it is so generous of artists to make there work available for free. As long as we don’t abuse it and try and re-sell them or pass them off as our own! Heaven forbid. The blog also has many other wonderful ideas and freebies so enjoy and GET CRAFTING!

Happy Lapin Christmas

Happy Christmas to all my lovely readers! We have just finished opening our gifts and I have the most wonderful t-shirt from Bored and the a wrap/scarf with a fox, bunny and bird on it.

Here are some nice pictures to look at, have a terrific day!









Christmas booze recipes

Last night we drunk more of my mulled cider at our gallery Christmas party, 2 whole vats quickly dissipated!  So it got me doing a bit of research about other winter warmers. Here are some I will be trying over the festive period…

Hot Buttered Rum, recipe from

Everybody likes Sandwiches

hot buttered rum
1/4 c butter, softened
1/2 t cinnamon
1/4 t nutmeg
1 T brown sugar

4 c water
2 c apple cider
1 large cinnamon stick, broken in 3
4 cardamom pods, slightly crushed
6 cloves
1 T brown sugar

1 t lemon juice per mug
1 1/2 oz amber rum per mug

1. Prepare the butter. Add spices and sugar to butter and mix until well combined. Put in fridge to firm up.

2. In a medium sized pot, add water, cider, spices and sugar and bring to a boil. Turn down heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

3. In 4 mugs, add in 1 teaspoon for lemon juice and one and a half ounces of rum to each mug. Add in 1 rounded teaspoon of the cold spiced butter and then ladle the hot spiced cider to fill each mug. Cheers!

Vanilla Honey Vodka via Tales of Ted and Agnes

Oh and why not go the whole way and make an Apple Cider Cream Pie via Lottie and Doof.

so yummy

Totally kick ass rad stuff to do this week!

Whoopee doo da its Monday! That means you have a whole freakin week ahead of you. My week consists of:

  • Monday – computer stuff, kids, cooking
  • Tuesday – Gallery, sorting out Sugarcubes Party and makin stuff
  • Wednesday- Gallery, Strong Island dinner and frivolity
  • Thursday – Work from home, prepping for Bored x Strong Island Christmas Social (hot cider ahoy) enjoying said social.
  • Friday – hangover? Then visiting Girl Guides in the evening to talk about ‘Ooh la Lapin’ and make stuff with them. Hopefully inspire some young ladies to pursue an arty life (oh and hide hangover of course).
  • Saturday – teach mini makers sesh at Aspex, assist artist in the p.m, go home eat pizza
  • Sunday – rest

Doing all this whilst the usual, cooking, cleaning and being an awesome Mum.

hide me please?

So if you have time this week why not try…

Making chocolate cake from the recipe by ‘like a strawberry milk’ a lovely young French lady and pastry chef in London, her blog is bloody gorgeous!

Absolutely amazing DIY giant candy lights on Oh Happy Day!

I love Scandinavian blogs, I cant read a word but the pictures alone make me melt so take time out to look at Sukkertoy.

Get ready for the cold by buying vintage knitwear, some awesome UK sellers on etsy, I just bought this gem from Elsiecaney in London.

Another seller I adore is Second Fiddle  who has this fairisle cardi.

Also stay warm and dry, I feel a bit coldy and hope I shall survive this week without my body giving in on me! I shall be making some Candy Cane Martinis for the dinner party on Wednesday and they are bound to sort me out!

Drawing on pork scratchings and alternative beards

We visited the Pembroke pub in Old Portsmouth on Friday night, my awesome work colleagues and I. Yes I ended up doing rude drawings on bar snacks. Then Aspex hosted a Festive Family Fun day on Saturday and alternative Santa beards were a treat.

So far this weekend has been awesome…


this looks the business


bar snax






paper mache robin with a bonnet I knitted


Beard I made

Dudes, Flo and Stan and easy makes.


Go check out House of Humble, this is one half a guy called Reuben and he makes stuff. The Blog is beautiful too, great stuff.  Reuben says…

It makes me sad to think that these gender stereotypes, so deeply ingrained in our society, may hinder people from persuing activities that they might really enjoy. I think the worst time for this is when we’re teenagers and we so badly just want to fit in. My Nanna taught me to knit when I was just a kid and I’m thankful that she got to teach me those skills before I became too self conscious about doing something that others might not think appropriate for “a big strong man.” 



Easy Christmas make…

Simple and stylish DIY Paper trees, find the tutorial on The Sweetest Occasion. Totally loving paper crafts at the moment especially after making origami tree decorations with Wendy at the gallery today.


Another lovely paper make on Please Note Paper simple and you could easily use old magazines or paper.

Also here are some lovely photos I took recently at Flo and Stans on Albert Road and I totally encourage you to buy lots of beautiful Christmas gifts from them!




I want this so bad