Cats and Birds, oh you look so sweet!

I almost squealed today when Josh bought to my attention this beautiful paper in Paperchase. One sheet features cats and the other birds, I knew instantly they would look perfect behind the cube shelves in our lounge. Also I am a sucker for anything kitsch, vintage and featuring animals.











In my studio or my mind.

Some photos from todays pottering in the lapin burrow.

I love my sewing machine, tons of stickers and scrawling in Sharpie make it mine.

My beaten old sewing/work desk repeatedly stamped.

I have 4 or so jars that hold scraps, treasure and odd bits.

Happy feet resting by my knitting and fabric bags.

I love this old crochet blanket, it was made by our aunt as a wedding present and its huge!

Just hand finishing another delightful addition to the ooh la lapin family.

Wilbur my cat has a large cushion that he sleeps on next to my desk, occasionally he lazily tries to attack a stray piece of wool or cotton dangling from my lap.

Made this little felt chap today, he has a mini boarding pass,where is he going?

I have enjoyed sharing my day. Have super happy weekend!

Diary lapin

Just some photos of the past couple of weeks goings on…


my man





Ashley John


my youngest



toilet door


more of the same


New Years in the north



painting thing




boy with ideas


Hunters game pie and cheese in the north


New Years eve by the fire



sketchbook stuff


Wilbur: Lord of the Radiator


Klaus the cat and girls.

Klaus by Richard Short is a beautiful tale of a cat, and reminds me of Tove Janssons Moomins. It is very funny and I love the way Klaus is surrounded by human rat like creatures. If you enjoy a dry sarcastic sense of humour then this is the book for you! Order it here.

My current lady muses for fashion and attitude include…

Kim Gordon

Artist and musician Clare Rojas aka Peggy Honeywell

Karen O

Cat Power

Kimya Dawson