Making clothes because high street clothes suck.

I’m fed up with shirts that won’t button over my boobs, skirts and trousers that sit on my hips rather than on my waist and boring fabrics, colours and quality.

Its a bit of a plunge venturing into the world of making your own clothes. I guess I can only make a few types of top and dress at the moment, maybe easy a-line skirts. I make my own patterns and draw directly onto the fabric, pinning and sticking as i go until it fits. Sometimes a bit wonky and imperfect but really beautiful.

This is a top Im working on at the moment, I can’t wait to show you the final thing!


3 thoughts on “Making clothes because high street clothes suck.

  1. Good for you! Keep at it and you will end up with something lovely. There is a Swedish designer who does a lot of ethnic/folkloric-looking clothing that may appeal to you: Gudrun Sjoden. Her stuff is eye-popping and inspirational. Ask for a free catalog. They are non-glossy, printed on recycled paper and nearly 1 cm. thick – more like a magazine than a catalog. Love, love, love her stuff!

    • Fabulous! Ive heard of the name and will be ordering a catalogue for sure. I need to get some patterns and was thinking of Merchant and Mills, have you heard of them?

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