Collage animals with Lorna

As our little seaside community gets battered by Autumnal storms a merry band of crafters met together on a Sunday afternoon to collage animals. The workshop was run by the uber talented Lorna Apps-Woodland (ace name!) and was held at craft cafe Make.

We arrived to find an A4 envelope with our names on and inside everything we needed to get started including templates of a hare, fox, owl, bird and cat drawn by Lorna. The large table behind us was covered in all kinds of paper ephemera, vintage magazines, books and washi tape. For nearly 2 and a half hours I was in absolute heaven, cups of hot tea were supplied as well as yummy cake and relaxing music. If you have never been to a workshop before I thoroughly recommend it. Although I am an artist and make toys /illustrate most of the week you can never learn too much especially from other artists. Be inspired and make time to make.

I made two dachshund collages inspired by my beautiful dog Margot and can’t wait to make more at home


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