Rabbit Day winners




I asked you to tell me why handmade toys are better than massed produced factory ones?

I got so many wonderful answers via instagram and the website, it was very hard to choose three winners. Please don’t be sad if you didn’t win, as I said it was a very close call.

The three winners are…

Billie Cawte

Debi 9 Kids

Making Mondays

I liked Making Mondays response…

I’ve always loved handmade toys. My grandma used to sew me stuffed animals and my grandpa built me some wooden ducks. They were very cool, they were just for me. None of my friends had anything like that. And now that my grandparents are gone, the toys will be a way to share part of my grandparents with my children.

I think we tend to keep handmade or artisan products for generations as it means so much more and is not just a disposable item. The wooden ducks sound adorable.

Please email your postal addresses to oohlalapin@gmail.com

ooh la lapin


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