Happy world rabbit day competition!

win rabbits

Hooray there are three chances to win a bunny today to celebrate World Rabbit Day. My wonderful namesake, the first toys I started to make were very simple hand stitched rabbits. This is why I chose the name Ooh la Lapin.

So how do you win one of these cute guys?

Simple tell me why handmade toys are much better than a mass produced factory one?

You can either leave a comment on this post, on the facebook page, via twitter using the hashtag #oohlalapin or on instagram using the image above and the #oohlalapin hashtag. Wow so many ways.

im looking for heartfelt answers and a celebration of handmade!

Good Luck and big love to all the worlds bunnies x


4 thoughts on “Happy world rabbit day competition!

  1. I am a massive supporter of anything handmade but plushies will always have a place in my heart. they are something I discovered I loved to make whilst at uni and became my procrastination from real work some days until I worked out I could make them the REAL work and so Monsieur Garlic was produced! When I fell pregnant the first thing I did was sew my son a toy, he is now almost 15 weeks old (time flies) His collection of handmade toys is growing and he will soon have his own room to fill when we move. There is something honest and genuine that you do not get with shop bought factory made items, and for me the ultimate number one favourite thing about hand made is they are UNIQUE, something I k ow a lot of us strive to be. Xx

  2. I’ve always loved handmade toys. My grandma used to sew me stuffed animals and my grandpa built me some wooden ducks. They were very cool, they were just for me. None of my friends had anything like that. And now that my grandparents are gone, the toys will be a way to share part of my grandparents with my children.

  3. Already instagrammed this BUT wanted to leave a more heartfelt message. ..
    I don’t know what it is, but Will has a huge love for handmade toys. Not sure if it’s sensory or just something about the look but he always seems to go first four the vintage, more textured stuffed animals. So we’re always on the look out for cute ones for him.
    And I LOVE your designs and I think Will would too. ( do u ship internationally? )

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