700th post giveaway!

Hooray I have hit my 700th post! So to celebrate I will be giving away a toy duck to one of my lovely readers.

Im so happy with the blog and things will be changing soon, you will reach a static homepage and be able to find the shop, blog posts and other bits from this page. It might not be for awhile so keep an eye out for changes.



To win this patchwork duck just leave a comment telling me what you love about Ooh la Lapin!

Good Luck lovely readers!


10 thoughts on “700th post giveaway!

  1. Hello! I love the fact that everything is unique, colourful and full of character! I often browse Flo and Stan’s and think your pieces and wonderful. x

  2. Their was a lady named Oh La Lapin
    Who gave away a duck in gift wrapping
    Her designs are unique
    but everso sweet
    Can’t wait to hear him Quackin

  3. Where do I start. I love your hair and that amazing doggie. I am envious of your creativity and great eye for colour/design and serious cuteness 🙂

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