7 things I like.

Frankie Magazine

I just had the latest edition delivered to my door and its wonderful.

What more could I want in a magazine than art, design, thoughtful writing and beautiful photography?

Tom Gauld

From weekly cartoonist for the Guardian with ‘Where’s my jetpack’ to wonderful illustration and wit.

Miscellaneous Adventures

Beautifully handcrafted wooden items.

Born from a fascination with the natural world, adventures in mountains and forests and objects with magical properties, Miscellaneous Adventures is a new craft project by illustrator and maker Andrew Groves.



Digitally printed plushies, posters and home ware are all in the Plingsulli Store.

Enjoy the naive and colourful work.

Bubble Dogs

The coupling of gourmet hot dogs and champagne sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

It can only be a short amount of time before we have a gourmet hot dog joint in my city (please).


Shannon and the Clams

Basically my new favourite band with a kick ass female lead and a surf punk rock vibe

to accompany the best summer ever!


88 Forever

A beautiful blog filled to the brim with recipes, photography, art and life.

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