Should we be buying and collecting art?

It has been on my mind for some time that buying and collecting art is something I should do more. If we really believe that art is valuable and that people who make it should be supported then we should spend a bit of money on it.
I’m not talking hundreds of pounds, a limited signed print can be picked up from anything as little as £10 – £50 and if you have a keen eye who knows how much your humble screen print could be worth in 5 years?
Alternatively you shouldn’t just buy a piece because you think it will accumulate in value, buy it because you like it.
I have no wealth, my family has no wealth, I won’t be inheriting any antiques, property or nest eggs any day. I do however like the idea of using my lifetime to amass a collection of art, my legacy I could bequeath to my family or a museum or gallery.
I hate the idea that it would all be split apart, end up in various places, thrift shops, house clearance or people having no idea of its history, relevance or value.
As morbid as it is to think of my own demise I would like to know my art would be looked after and cherished.

What would you buy? Are there any artists you really love?



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