An ode to currency

Being a single parent is hard work, being a single parent, running a gallery and making less than minimum wage as an artist is really hard.
I’m not moaning, I have a roof over my head and lots of love and friends to support me. I have to say though that jobs are thin on the ground and even the jobs that are out there you are competing with maybe 200 people for one supermarket job.
In some ways there has never been a better time to be creative, I know plenty of people that when faced with no job they have created one for themselves, myself included.
You might not make any money for a long time but the sense of self worth is priceless.
Also as a creative you are expected to work for free a lot of the time. If anyone designs us a poster for the gallery as a favour I feel so grateful because I know that if I was ‘client’ I could pay them and it would buy a weeks groceries.
Stop and think about the worth of creativity.
Learn to value yourself, stop and think about your worth. Only then will you have pride in what you produce.



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