A city and a home.

I can’t explain how passionate I am about culture, it is after all a mirror of society. It tells us more about ourselves then we would ever know or dream of. Collectively music, art, literature and performance form a big fractured picture, if we assemble it all together it will never fit but it somehow gives us a snapshot of time. From civil unrest, feminism, class, youth, decay, hope, desire, need and expression.

I live in a City that is rich in culture and creativity, you should come to Portsmouth it’s pretty awesome. More and more this place is becoming ‘known’ for its creative scene. For some eye candy check out ‘Fuck Yeah Southsea’.

I run an art gallery ‘The Gold Room’, but it’s more than just a place to look at things hanging on a wall. It’s an idea, a meeting place and a culmination of very hard work from myself and Angelo Tirotto (all round dude and creator of smash hit comic No Place like Home). This month sees the launch of not only our underground alternative reading group ‘Book Club’ but a whole day celebrating zine culture on the 30th March with guest speakers, music performance and zines galore, exhibitions by Philippa Rice (until March 27th) and photographer Ali Tollervy and the Dark Horses project on the 29th.

It’s hard work and I often over reach myself but I am trying so very hard to add to the culture of this place.

Any how enough talk how about some pictures?

Billie RaeĀ 

both images: Claire Sambrook

Bored of Southsea

ALL CAPS Portsmouth Map

For awesome bands Champagne Justice put on the best nights!


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