Spaces and Places

Im thinking about having a bit of a rearrange in the house

So make a hot tea and look at these wonderful spaces and lets dream together of a place we can escape to.


4 thoughts on “Spaces and Places

  1. All beautiful rooms but I think my favourite is the first one with the red chair, no wait, the one with the vintage mirrors, oh I like them all. I hope you are feeling better soon, curl up in bed with a cup of tea, nice book and a hot water bottle.

  2. oh I totally know what you mean! going through some relationship troubles myself at the moment (boyfriend keeps reassuring that he loves me very much but at the same time makes it pretty clear he doesn’t consider me in his future).

    rearranging furniture makes a room feel brand new – great for kickstarting new stage of your life. there are some great ideas in all of these pictures: I particularly like the first one and the one with up cycled metal drawers (and a big N on the wall).

  3. One day you will wake up and think what was all that fuss about but until then, I wish you good luck with sawing your heart together…I know exactly what you are going

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