The rain can’t stop me!

I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Victoria today from The Owl and the Accordion  an uber beautiful kitchy/crafty blog. I am making a doll for her out of a treasured baby grow that belonged to her daughter. The doll is a present for her daughter, what a sweet idea?

Victoria from the super ‘Owl and the Accordian’

We both discovered we had lots in common, especially buying ornaments/vintage, bits of crochet and too many cushions. We then rounded off a cup of tea with a visit to my favourite shop in the world Flo & Stan. They also happen to stock my toys, I’m not biased it genuinely is the best little shop ever!




2 thoughts on “The rain can’t stop me!

  1. What a sweet place, such cute things! I have no creativity at all, but I love to see what people create with their imagination. Greetings from Sicily! If you want some sun, come here, today it was sunny and hot, just perfect for a suntan!

  2. Hello from England to Sicily, I could most certainly do with some sunshine! If you enjoy creative things hopefully you may have a go your self. Thank you for your lovely comment, do visit gain! Lou x

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