A happy heart.

Just a little post to say that I am feeling much better, a lot less stressed and we made it through the summer with my beautiful autistic boy! A big kiss to Flo and Stan for blogging about my toys today. I also bought some beautiful new things for my nest today from there. Pictures of beautiful things to follow soon. I also have to thank my amazing Grandmother for blessing us with some money recently because we do so struggle, what with caring for a disabled son and both working freelance. Oh we are poor but happy! So thanks to Gran I have treated myself and we are also able to buy an adapted tag along bike for my son so we can FINALLY all cycle as a family. Its taken 7 years and now we can finally afford the adapted bike, hooray!

Here are some happy things!!!

My Ice Blue Kanken is in the post, I have wanted a Kanken for for so long and soon I can cycle about with one!

My beautiful new bike arrives today, she is a Birdie from Bobbin. Bobbin bikes are wonderful and the website is adorable.

Of course I may have to order some new fabrics for sewing…


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