Ou est le Lapin?

After the success of last years ‘Ou est le Lapin’ its time for round two! This year I have my French grammar correct I believe, a lapin is male so hence the le rather than la.

My favourite partaker from last year was My Dog Sighs and his epic amount of bunnies.


I just want to say a big bunny THANK YOU to everyone who took part last year, lets make this year even bigger, bunnier and better!!!

I will also be setting up a flickr account this year for you to add pics of bunnies when you leave them and for recipients to add them as they find them.

The rules are simple…

  • Make a bunny, any medium, even a photograph of a bunny or an origami bunny!
  • Hide it somewhere in Portsmouth (or the wider world if your an international ooh la lapin reader)
  • Photo it and send me the pic or add to the flickr group
  • Leave a little note/web address so finders can join in
  • easy peasy



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