Haters gonna hate

I have always been proud of the fact I got as far as I have without going to Uni, but the time has come to knuckle down and get some skills. I know where I want to go its just hard to get there without that level of education and understanding. Its not a bad thing if you haven’t been to Uni, I just know I will treasure the whole experience and not waste it.

I got busy making babies first and marrying my sweetheart, now its time for me…

I had these two little people first

I love my girl

Just gotta see if they let me in first, ah come on Portsmouth Uni you know you want me, right?


7 thoughts on “Haters gonna hate

  1. You go, girl! You are smart, creative and energetic. No education is ever wasted, even classes that may seem to have no bearing on your goal. Go and learn! You and yours will benefit from all the hard work you put in now. πŸ™‚

  2. i got your loverly lady doll for my christmas box…… i love her…..she sits on our schreiber side board on top of a big wooden E for emma. she reminds me of tokyo…..the harajuku kids in the shibuya section of tokyo….jingu bridge i loved it

    • Aww thats sooo cool, please send me a photo of her if you have one and I will pop it on ooh la lapin! Yep a lot of my work is inspired by Japan, but alas I have never been. I hope I will go one day…
      oh that makes me so happy to hear she makes you happy
      Love Lou x

  3. ooooooooo you plan to come to Portsmouth Uni, how excited. Fingers crossed for you all the way! The commuinty at the uni is fantastic and being in the eldon building is a joy. Blooming hard work but managed to meet some lovely people. If you get the chance go to the zine store room in illustration, only got a quick look at a few of them over the past few years but the lecturer is amazingly enthusiastic and just having a look through the books is great fun.

    Anyway, sorry for the ramble πŸ™‚ Good luck!

    • Aww thank you! Wow the zine store sounds a bit special, I will be well into that! Just hope I get accepted, fingers and toes crossed!!! Checked out your tumblr, great work, I am following!!!

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