I dreamt about you last night…

Quite often when I am getting ready for bed I look forward to shutting off for a while. My head is swimming with so many ideas, feelings and excitement I’m just glad of a break! The crazy thing is I have the most ridiculous dreams every night.

Stories, adventures, love affairs, journeys on tiny boats, talking animals and being able to fly or breath under water.

My favourite dream I wish I could re create in real life is having a slow dance to ‘Hiding Tonight’ by Alex Turner next to the sea.


Sometimes I walk around with this nagging sensation of not having completed many things, whether they be physical or emotional.


I think thats why making is so satisfying to me, it allows me to start something and at some point complete it. Some work remains incomplete, half finished drawings, half recorded songs and toys without arms or legs.

Like my dreams, like my life.

Sam (my brother) and I write songs to make sense of this.


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