Totally kick ass rad stuff to do this week!

Whoopee doo da its Monday! That means you have a whole freakin week ahead of you. My week consists of:

  • Monday – computer stuff, kids, cooking
  • Tuesday – Gallery, sorting out Sugarcubes Party and makin stuff
  • Wednesday- Gallery, Strong Island dinner and frivolity
  • Thursday – Work from home, prepping for Bored x Strong Island Christmas Social (hot cider ahoy) enjoying said social.
  • Friday – hangover? Then visiting Girl Guides in the evening to talk about ‘Ooh la Lapin’ and make stuff with them. Hopefully inspire some young ladies to pursue an arty life (oh and hide hangover of course).
  • Saturday – teach mini makers sesh at Aspex, assist artist in the p.m, go home eat pizza
  • Sunday – rest

Doing all this whilst the usual, cooking, cleaning and being an awesome Mum.

hide me please?

So if you have time this week why not try…

Making chocolate cake from the recipe by ‘like a strawberry milk’ a lovely young French lady and pastry chef in London, her blog is bloody gorgeous!

Absolutely amazing DIY giant candy lights on Oh Happy Day!

I love Scandinavian blogs, I cant read a word but the pictures alone make me melt so take time out to look at Sukkertoy.

Get ready for the cold by buying vintage knitwear, some awesome UK sellers on etsy, I just bought this gem from Elsiecaney in London.

Another seller I adore is Second Fiddle  who has this fairisle cardi.

Also stay warm and dry, I feel a bit coldy and hope I shall survive this week without my body giving in on me! I shall be making some Candy Cane Martinis for the dinner party on Wednesday and they are bound to sort me out!


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