If this is it were all done for…

So I’m back a day earlier than I thought, feeling tippity top and I really missed my blog, its like some kind of social crutch. I’ve had a restful week, made tiny pretzel log cabins at work on Tuesday, did awesome stuff at work yesterday with some amazing kids and ate sushi after work.

pretzel cabins by Elliot, me and Jo.

I have had some awesome emails and comments about my blog from so many people and feel pretty special so thanks for all your kind words. Here are some pictures I have collected this week, if you want to know where some of them came from I dont know, just random downloads.

Sometimes I wonder if my role on this planet is significant in any way, probably not and I am ok with that. I like colouring in my pictures of animal people, helping out where I can, being kind and sewing things. Standing on the seafront makes me feel small, like another stone on the beach, but I draw comfort from that. If I am another stone than I am part of a defence against coastal erosion, like some fucking metaphor for society.

Joel and I on the pier

Im just finalising the arrangements for working with Cumberland House in Portsmouth for a project as part of my ongoing art project WHY? Portsmouth. More info to come soon but here are some images I took awhile back.

The Crust terrifies me, its beneath you now!


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