At least I don’t get death threats any more.


Ahh school, the best days of your life apparently. Not when people whisper to you in the hall ways that people like yourself should be blown apart. Yeah that shit happened to me, all because I had short hair, a flat chest, hung out in the art room and smoked pot. I remember in P.E once it being down to the last 2 people to get picked for basketball teams and the other girl got chosen over me, the reason given was she had bigger boobs. Nice.

It set you up for life. So no wonder you gravitate towards other losers, skaters, musicians, potheads, computer geeks and alike. Then you grow up and find you are all still friends and you cross paths with the same kinds of people. Like Mercury you can be separated but form back together.

One lunchtime I took a marker pen and draw all over the toilet doors, scrawled all over the walls, later on the teacher made everyone stay until someone owned up, no one did.

I wanted to die, I used to sit on my bedroom windowsill at night smoking cheap cigarettes in our suburban home wishing I would just fall onto the patio in my nightie. Imagine my parents faces as they find me in a crumpled heap in the morning dew, cigarette still in my mouth…

Luckily I got through school and went to art college, I’d come home, at last I belonged. I drew this today it celebrates that.

Be fearless.


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