Playlist part 2

I really enjoyed making an ‘Ooh la Lapin’ playlist the other week and thought I would have a go at another. Music is a massive huge part of my day, how I work, what I’m making and my mood.

The awesome Das Racist

The last list was all folky, cosy and autumnal and today’s is how I wake myself up. Enjoy.

Get to Work can be found here

1. Rainbow in the Dark      Das Racist

2. Wait Anyway                    Mazes

3.  Swim                                   Surfer Blood

4. Yawn Yawn Yawn         Les Savy Fav

5. Sleepyhead                       Passion Pit

6. Dirty Boots                       Sonic Youth

7. Freak Scene                     Dinosaur Jr

8. If I keep on lovin you  Lets Wrestle

9. Merchandise                   Fugazi

 Les Savy Fav

Well I’m off to have an awesome busy day, catch ya tomorrow!


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