My Margate jaunt

What an eventful couple of days! We left Portsmouth at 6am and arrived at the Engage conference. Engage allows people who work in art education from all over the UK and beyond to get together, share ideas, practice and drink copious amounts of tea. I learnt a lot, like I can’t understand big arty words but I bloody love what I do and I’m more passionate about being an outreach artist more than ever. The title of the conference was ‘Work in Progress’ which I am I guess, yes I am.

We also visited the new Turner Contemporary exhibition ‘Nothing in the World but Youth’ it was amazing and made me feel even more alive and proud to be an individual.

I cant believe I got to see Rodins ‘The Kiss’ its just bloody beautiful and so sexy.

These tees were my favourite, I want to start an ‘Institute of Pipe Dreams’

Those Thanet Gulls are pretty hardcore

I really enjoyed the trip, it was very tiring but wonderful. I can’t believe how many amazing projects are being run all over the world that benefit so many people. Its inspiring and hopeful!


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