boys who do it well: part 6

Today I’m keeping it local ladies and gents. These boys are creating something gooood….

First up its Quiet Corners Mr Paul Gonella, I cant begin to describe this guys photography/filmwork just go and check it out. Makes me feel otherwordly when I look at some of his work. Check out Forever Circling too, stunning work.



Next up is my good friend and co-worker Ashley John, a constant on the local creative scene and all round gent. This guys work keeps getting stronger and he is a great lesson in how not to give up. If you keep producing and participating you rule the day.  You can see Ashleys work in Aspex current exhibition ‘It must have been something you said’



Next up is someone whose work I have admired from afar, his photos are honest and he applies personality to them (if that makes sense, huh?) Any way their awesome check out Thomas Mccaughan, Tom Time Waster, local bon viveur. I would love to curate some of his images for an exhibition, oh yes.





It was really hard to choose some local lads as there are so many awesome creatives in Portsmouth! So will do some more for sure later. Peace.


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