Boys who do it well, part 4

Well it’s that time of the week again when we a fix our attention to those creative men who just do it so well…

I’m afraid I have developed a huge crush on this guy, after seeing the movie ‘Submarine’ this week it just wouldn’t have been half as wonderous without the soundtrack by Alex Turner. He deserves top billing on BWDIW for being able to produce some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard!


Next up its Rostarr/Romon Kimin Yang, a New York based artist with a South Korean heritage.

Known for shape-based graphics and colorful abstract paintings, Rostarr blends his South Korean heritage with New York City street culture to create most of his work. To keep with the abstract nature of his paintings, he even resorts to break dancing on canvas to create custom pieces, which has become a staple of his art. Hip-hop, family tradition and B-boying are all ingredients of his portfolio. Check his website here.

Next up is not new to most of you but it’s totally awesome and deserves a special mention. Its HBO hit comedy Bored to Death. If you haven’t watched it yet than I totally recommend you do! Struggling writer becomes a freelance private eye on Craigslist and gets into all sorts of scrapes, just brilliant!

I’m really digging this guys work at the moment, he is called Simon Wheatley and he just takes the most absorbing photos.

His series of photos ‘dont call me urban’ which he produced are fascinating and document a time in the UK fashion and music industry, London, street and gang culture.

Rewind (RWD), beginning in 2004, facilitated contacts that enabled him to chronicle the grime scene that had begun to burgeon in London. At this time he was also working on another project around regeneration at Elephant and Castle. ‘DON’T CALL ME URBAN! The Time of Grime’ therefore represents an assemblage of work that has evolved over the last decade.



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