Does any of this matter?

Woah that’s a big question for a Saturday morning I hear you gasp, oh yeah it is. I’m talking about making, art, culture, film, music, fashion blah blah blah.

It’s a big fat yes, because without it our lives would be so pitifully grey and boring we would be rocking back and forth banging our heads against the wall, would we not? So the next time your hear someone say ‘the arts are a waste of money’ or ‘why would you waste your time painting’ or ‘whats the point of being in a band cause you wont ever make it’ tell them to be silent.

Street art ‘Billie Holiday’

Steve Powers

Amazing old BMX photos from DEFgrip these remind me of the freedom of youth before we are told that to feel free is a load of rubbish.

For some reason these make me think about my life, in a good way!


2 thoughts on “Does any of this matter?

  1. Before I decided to (finally) get off the dime and seriously study for a college science degree, I toyed with the idea of being an illustrator for children’s books. So, I took a university art course in drawing. That art course taught me not how to draw, but how to *see*! And so, years later in microbiology class, I could truly observe and sketch what it was I saw in a petri dish or under the microscope. In anatomy and physiology classes, I could discern the relationships between parts of the body. As a professional RN, I can accurately assess and document (with a sketch if necessary!) a patient’s condition. So, don’t let anyone tell you art education is a waste of resources. Everything you learn is useful. 🙂

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