Why? project

Oh my internet travels have taken me many places from the hilarity of the guy on youtube who is dancing to Billie Jean and smacks into the bathroom wall to reading heart breaking tales about women in the modern slavetrade. The internet is a wonderous place, an unknown landscape and sometimes you find a gem.

Why? a great bunch of guys who write awesome music.

Whilst visiting the site for one of my favourite bands Why? they had a link to this awesome project Why? Richmond. It’s just a simple beautiful idea that provokes people to think in a gentle and humorous way, it doesn’t scream at you to WAKE UP. It almost whispers it in your ear.

It would be nice to do something similar here, I’m gonna email them this week to ask if I can branch off their idea, yay!

These were some of the publics suggestions for the box pictured at the top of the post.



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