Boys who do it well part 2

Well it seems the post Boys who do it well was pretty popular! So I am going to make it a regular thing on ‘Ooh la Lapin’, if you have any suggestions just leave a comment and a link!

So this weeks boys are…

Paddy Considine, amazing actor, writer and director. Paddy was also recently diagnosed with Aspergers too, and talks about his experiences here. He is one of those guys you see in so many great British films and dramas, he is basically a legend and hot.

Yeah yeah so I got a thing for this guy, he is energetic, uncompromising and creative as hell! I have mentioned in a previous post he has been a big influence on my current text paintings. Check out his website here and this ace photo shoot with The Selby.

A whole band, The Vaccines! They get a special mention this week for creating there latest video totally from fans Instagram photos! I love it when any kind of artist encourages participation and creativity in others. You can also catch a Vaccines DJ set at Little Johhny Russells on the 22nd October, hell this fan girl is gonna be there.


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