So whats been happening?

Uh oh its time for the weekly round-up and the prediction of things to come…

Lots to look froward to including late night shopping art workshops at Gunwharf.

Creative film night in Southsea.

Next week sees me doing my first Southsea Supper Club dinner party, eek.

I have plans to make some amazing toys too for Flo and Stan.

 I am also currently planning the Aspex October half term workshop for 8-13 year olds which is all about mythical creatures from Japanese folk-lore and then sewing our own hoods and costumes, making videos etc. If that doesn’t sound like a ton of fun then you really need to lighten up!


Prince Hanzoku terrorized by a nine-tailed fox.

Here is a ridiculously long list of Japanese creatures from wikipedia. If we just did your standard ghost, witch, pumpkin how boring would that be?

Some personal favourites…

Umizatou – a blind man from the sea who asks travelers about their worst fears.

Yama-jijii – a humanoid with a head like a large rock, with one eyeball and a constant smile. Often lives in the trees in the mountains.

Kasa-obake – a paper umbrella monster.


So if your aged between 8-13 you can join me for 3 days of fun Tue-Thur in half term, we even have an early drop off time of 9pm for a breakfast/games club. Just call Aspex on 0239 2778080 to book a place! Price of workshop depends on whether you come to breakfast club or not, so ask reception when booking!



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