boys who do it well

I am sometimes aware that ooh la lapin can be a tad shall we say ‘girlie’. So I want to feature more creative guys who are doing things in a way that appeals to the DIY ethics that ooh la lapin is all about. So this article is gonna highlight some guys who do it well… oh and most of them have beards, beards are good!


This guy is Nate Utesch he is behind Ferocious Quarterly in an interview on Hoosiers Doing Something Nate says:

There’s just so much opportunity right now for every part of the arts, from music to performance to visuals. It’s so easy to be connected with people from all over and to do things we’d never have the opportunity to before.

Swoon, this is a guy after my heart!


Bon Iver aka Justin Vernon, I listen to his music often when I ma working in my studio and it really inspires me, in a recent interview in the Guardian he says:

“I think that I’m getting to that point where I’m starting to wonder what those other things I do are,” Vernon says gently. “And I’m really wanting to round it out a little bit. But then I also think ‘Isn’t this what unmeetable joy is like? Where you just do what you want all the time?’

Austin Stephens is one handsome guy, I love him because he has made a career out of what he loves (skating), he is a lesson in motivation!

on a day-to-day basis, it’s just going out and skating. There’s not a responsibility. I don’t have to check-in with anyone. It’s up to me, basically, to self-motivate and make sure I’m productive and finding spots or calling up photographers. Working on interviews for magazines, things like that. Sometimes it’s just, “yea, I might skate today” or you don’t have to.


Love the illustration work of Adam Hayes, please do check out his blog Today is a Good Day, his text work in particular I adore.


Well if anyone else comes to mind I will do another ‘man related’ article next week!


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