What does it mean to make?

I feel like I have reached a seminal point as an artist and maker in my life. I want this to be the most beautiful thing I can achieve, I want to live freely and half the time I wander around in a dream.

There is nothing wrong with not having a 9-5 or a steady income, this really is your life and you own it, peace out!

via Being Lady Lucy

via justadandak


and because I bloody love this guy its Mogo Takahashi again…

3 thoughts on “What does it mean to make?

  1. Feeling the same way too !!! Sometimes I feel guilty and think I really should go and get a ‘proper’ job but then think no I need to keep trying to make this work….. I guess I am blessed that my partner has a good income and that allows me to try and make a go of pursuing my creativity but I feel bad when i don’t contribute to the financial pot as much as him…..

  2. That seems to be a crucial piece of the equation – having a “patron of the arts” to make it possible for one to do the creative thing. Either that, or have a job that allows for a fair amount of time off. I am fortunate to be an RN in the USA. I work 3 days a week (which is full time) and get to make things on my day off. Do I need to make stuff to live? NO. But would I rather? YES.

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