granny chic

Just cant get enough granny chic vintage goodness at the moment, it just takes me to somewhere happy.

Life has been a bit sketchy of late, my autistic little boy has been very difficult, my marriage has been very shouty because of little boy making the house really stressful. Money troubles and just general crappyness. We have plenty to look forward too though.

So looking at some pretty blogs by other talented ladies offers some comfort and solice…

1.Tea Wagon Tales  2.Fjeldborg  3.Anthropologie  4.Lark  5.Emma Lamb


3 thoughts on “granny chic

  1. It would be great if the images linked back to the blogs you found them on so we could go exploring further. I particularly like the first one – I think it’s a customised IKEA ‘Fira’ box (sadly discontinued).

    • I try to put the links at the bottom of the article, sometimes I find pictures I save from previous net travels on my hard drive and forget where I found them, oops! Click on the blog names underneath and it will take you to the source of the photos. I will endeavor to embed links in photos from now, I was being a lazy bones x

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