Thank you Dottie Angel!

I recently plucked up the courage to email one of my total heroines of craft, I adore her work, her blog and her peachy world. She is the lovely Tif aka Dottie Angel.

I was thrilled to receive an email back and the offer of an apron for’ Make One Pass it On’. After firing a few emails back and forth it felt special to talk about crafting with someone who really get the idea of escapism and satisfaction that making gives you.

On Friday morning a book arrived in the post from her, a brand new beautiful book, postcards and itty bitty pieces of vintage fabric and lace. It was like a little piece of Dottie magic. I intend to use the book to inspire the young people I work with in education and outreach. Tif was so lovely to send me free copy to use and lovingly informed me the more worn it gets the prettier it will be!

I hope will inspire the young people I work with to know that its ok to be who you want to be and that dreaming, creativity and playfulness is not something you have to ‘grow out of’. That we should embrace forgotten little objects, re-use bits of fabric and take joy in small things. Thank you Tif!

It’s all been change at chez lapin, the studio is now where the living room was and the living room is where the studio was, does that make sense.

My husband and I have decided to share a work space, his desk is on one side of the chimney and mine the other, I like the big bay window and the light it lets in. I also like looking out the window at the rows of houses and people walking past peer curiously at all the bits of sewing in the window.

I have been making some badges with lots of little pictures from the thrifted books I own, which is many!


One thought on “Thank you Dottie Angel!

  1. Hey,

    Love your blog! I also really like the look of the Dottie Angel book you received. I have been trying to find out online where i can get a copy and i can’t find it anywhere! Any ideas? I would really love to own a copy. Thank you.

    Anna (aka

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