Make one, pass it on.

Exciting news today! Following the success of  ‘Ou est la lapin?’ back in the Spring I am launching a campaign called ‘Make one, pass it on’. This time by making, we will be making a difference. Here’s the lowdown…

  • All aprons must be handmade
  • They must be finished before December 1st
  • Every apron regardless of size, colour, workmanship and style will be sold for a flat fee of £10.
  • A special event will be held to sell the aprons and they will also be availible online too.
  • They will make the perfect Christmas gift and will be doing good!

All the money raised will be donated to charity that does an amazing job, Fine Cell Work.

Fine Cell Work is a social enterprise that teaches needlework to prison inmates and sells their products. The prisoners do the work when they are locked in their cells, and the earnings give them hope, skills and independence.

Our mission is to rehabilitate prisoners by giving them the opportunity to earn and save money and the chance to reflect on and rebuild their lives through craft and achievement. Prisoners do Fine Cell Work for an average of 3 years: the benefits can therefore be profound.


”That’s all I did…I sewed and sewed… You can’t show any weakness inside. So it just gets more and more built up and then you get angry. Sewing made me stop and think about how things could have been different, and what I could have done differently. It helped me change the way I was, cos I used to be quite an angry fella when I went inside. I was quite moody and aggressive and people said I was defensive. I never knew I was but when I was sewing I used to go back over my life and thought…perhaps I am. It gave me the space I needed.”

If you would like to make and donate an apron then all you need is to get started and please email so I can register you and let you know how and when aprons will be collected.

I have a handy patch apron tutorial in the sidebar if not there are plenty of hints, tips and patterns online.

You will also have an opportunity to work on aprons at Tea and Cloth the monthly craft meeting in Portsmouth. Aprons are welcomed from all over the world just leave plenty of time for postage!

fine cell work tote


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