minus size one for the girls!

I was wondering if we should start calling conventional models ‘minus size’ models?

Im always feeling under pressure to slim down, hmm I wonder why? I have always associated success and beauty with skinnyness. Sadly this led me to becoming anorexic as a teen, I recovered physically but mentally have been left deeply traumatised. I dont often blog about deeply personal issues but I must admit reading blog ‘chubby fashion‘ has been a revelation.

I particularly love the pictures of the models featured it makes me feel so happy, hurrah! Also check out curve appeal it rocks.

both photos: Curve Appeal

Vintage style suits all girls, the beautiful Elsa has an adorable blog Grandmothers Pearls. She is a vintage style model.

Here is a recent photo my hubby took of me in the Tea Tray Garden a proud size 14/16. Im real, I dont eat junk food, never get take away (maybe the occasional sushi order), I cycle and go to the gym, but what can I say I love good wine, good food and good company.

Amazing photo of a Polish model.

The ever amazing Tara Lynne who is regularly featured in Elle and Vogue, making the cover and many editorials…

Though strange that high fashion mags should use models like Tara when designers dont make any sample clothes big enough to fit her. It still smacks of ‘hey look at us we can have fat people in our magazine too, aren’t we nice’.

Well until you start featuring real women du rigour I wont buy your magazines or your clothes. Hence why I taught myself to make clothes.


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