Tea Party is go!

So today sees Southseas first ever subversive craft party or ‘Underground Tea Party’. As one half of Buttons and Pearls I am proud to announce that the event is SOLD OUT!

ooh la lapin handmade brooch

We have been doing lots of planning and have some really special events starting in November that lead up to Christmas. All beautiful, magical and really about the essence of Christmas rather than a total consumer fest.

wreath from Pickles

We will also be launching a campaign/challenge to Portsmouth residents and beyond to buy local and handmade for Christmas. This means supporting small local independant businesses like Flo & Stan or Tea Tray, but also really showing that local handmade doesnt mean poor quality, expensive items just beacause they are not built in a factory over the other side of the world!

banner by Joetta Maue

It might seem a bit early to mention the C word but in our world time travels so fast that planning is a must. Its almost absurd the amounts of planning/ running Buttons and Pearls involves as well as having are own projects like ooh la lapin.

ooh la lapin sausage dogs availible in Tea Tray shop 'Every home should have one'

I hope you have and are having a super tops weekend, au revoir mon amis x


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