get your socks off

Im loving this blog called Maxabella loves, it has these beautiful photos followed by inspirational  quotes as well as some really inspiring articles.

Im constantly floored by the variety and quality of blogs written by women, I sometimes wonder who reads my blog, I hope they like it. I use more photos than words, because I like pictures.

A recent lunch trip to Like a Tea Tray in the Sky, if you havent been there yet your missing out on an amazing cafe and the shop called ‘Every home should have one’ is filled to the brim with handmade and vintage lovliness!

What can you do with old socks?

Recently my lovely neighbour Julie gave me some old socks (all lovley and clean of course) and cheerful said ‘you can do something with these’.

I love peoples unabashed optimism as too what I am capable of, and yes I relish the challenge, so what to do with the socks?

cut the foot off the leg/ankle bit

and sew them all together…

patchwork of socks

I will post the finished result soon, so even old socks can be turned into something pretty special.


One thought on “get your socks off

  1. Glad to see my socks were of use Lou, you know how I hate waste & love recycling so looking forward to seeing the end results xx

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