yo! its free style embroidery.

This Thursday at ‘Like a Tea Tray in the Sky’,  Buttons and Pearls  (fine purveyors of stitch craft tutoring) will be teaching the art of Free style machine embroidery and a bit of hand stitching.

Your welcome to bring an item with you to personalise, a t-shirt, t-towel or a notebook (yes you can embroider card and paper).

If you book online today or tommorow you can get 10% off the class price by using the discount ‘buttonsandpearls’ at the till.


Remember this workshop includes a whole wealth of fabrics at your fingertips, well over 50 types! Tea Tray also has full menu of amazing homemade cake, every kind of tea you can think of and delicious fresh coffee (ooh and wine).



3 thoughts on “yo! its free style embroidery.

  1. wow! your workshops sound like great fun! I shall have to try something when issue 5 has been designed and I have delicious free time! Hoorah!


    (oh, & thanks for your comment on the spoonful blog! Lovely to have you poop by 🙂 xx

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