lets make it new

One of my favourite things (apart from kittens wearing bows around there necks) is taking something a bit sad and making it happy and bright. Observe…

I am a bit sad.


ooh now I feel happy!


A Saturday morning well spent I think. Here are some photos I found upon emptying my phones memory card today…

Knitting bag on sale in Aspex


Opening night of the Portsmouth Uni Art show


Tiles I photographed in Spain recently


The wardrobe of amazing fabric lovliness at 'Like Tea Tray in the Sky' the wooden box at the bottom has fabrics for sale.


Joel in Spain looking very sweet


Im so proud of the Boat we built at Aspex 'HMS ASPEX'



One thought on “lets make it new

  1. Love the tiles Lou, would love to have something like that by my front door, thats the plan anyway…..love Joel too xxxx

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