win an ooh la lapin day!

Win a day with ooh la lapin I hear you cry!

So what does that involve? No not shouting at my children or sorting through the laundry.

A day with me involves:

  • Start the day with a train ride to Chichester where we will hunt for beautiful vintage fabrics and pretty contemporary designs too.
  •  a spot of lunch
  • Then its back to Southsea to my gorgeous studio to make something delightul with our finds as well as digging through my own supply!
  • This prize is worth £120 as it includes food, travel and tuition!!!

So how do I win this amazing treat?

Well if you sponsor me in the Asex 12 hour knit-a-thon which is raising money for education/ art/ outreach I will pick a name at random out of a hat!

You can sponsor me by emailing and stateing your name, address and the amount you want to sponsor per hour. I will then add you to my sponsorship form.

have a good rummage in the Eternal Maker in Chichester

go and meander around beautiful handmade stocked shops like Pretty Scruffy

I am very easy company and promise you a wonderful day ooh and a free lunch, how goood is that!


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