knit for your nest

Chunky or delicate, knitted or knit inspired home accessories will be everywhere this autumn. It took the high street long enough to catch on to the whole ‘shabby chic twee country look’. Im kind of sick of seeing pastel coloured spotty cushions and instead just adore bold folky prints and craft inspired designs.

If your a maker you know you can attempt things like the basket above from Ferm Living if not theres plenty of bits alredy on the net.

As usual Scandi design is at the forfront of home trends…

bold graphic knitted blanket


beautiful knitted lampshade


utterley adorable folksy apron from Lisa Stckley


Lovely notebooks from Sukie, after you have filled all the pages why not cut off the cover and frame it?

Cable and cotton lights are so pretty and you can choose whatever colour combination you like, its a bespoke service. Check out the online gallery for inspiration.


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