big sorry

Im so sorry that last night Tea and Cloth was double booked!!!

We decamped to the pub, finished early and I went home and looked at cottages on the internet, because thats how freakin cool I am.

Can I also say a big ‘Hello’ to Rosies veterinary nurse who recognised me today as the sewing lady and she says she reads my blog. Your a lovely lady and I hope you join us soon for tea and sewing!

My current obsession is trying to mix ‘cottage style’ with retro and 50’s interior.

Here’s some finds to create a pretty living room…

re cycled cans painted in Peru from Re

Table cloth from Mit Hus

you cant beat a printed shade

and yes I would sell my sewing machine for this dress

Though I cant afford Cath Kidston clothes, boo.

I can also picture this haberdashery bag from Loop being used as a clutch bag with the above dress.

Stay tuned to my blog as big news will be announced in the next seven days and it involves spending 12 hours doing the most amazing thing together for free in a beautiful place surrounded by yarn and fabric!


One thought on “big sorry

  1. Hello 😀 Thank you for the mention! It was lovely to meet you and Rosie today. I will definately come along next time but you must be gentle with me because I am a complete novice!

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