Make it Monday

Ive had this tutorial bookmarked for a while but fancy giving it a go today and making some wrap skirts for me too. Im off to Spain next week and will be writing a piece about fabric shopping in Granada and Cordoba.

As usual Purl Bee has super ‘makes’ so check it out!

  • Wrap skirts are super easy, just fold the fabric round you one and half times, make a little mark on your hip where the skirt should tie up.
  • Cut fabric accordingly size/length.
  • make some fabric tape or buy some ready made or some nice bias binding.
  • hem the skirt at the bottom and then sew bias binding at the top or the tape leaving a length to tie your skirt, a voila!

You could also take an existing wrap skirt you have and just copy it, so easy and then you can choose whatever fabrics you want.

You can also find a good article/tutorial here for a reversible wrap skirt.

Or try a patchwork skirt to use up random fabrics, it doesn’t have to be floor length a knee length one would look sweet!

Well Im off to make mine in a bit so I will post the results later!


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