make it for my man

I am totally aware that ‘Make it Monday’ passed me by this week. Well I have been kinda distracted, its half term for starters and when Im not going crazy cause I dont have 2 pairs of arms and eyes everywhere for Joel its just been hectic!

So today I printed my man a t- shirt cause were going to the Strong Island exhibition tonight and I wanted to make him something cool to wear and I love him!

So here’s how you make a shirt print with electrical tape.

  • Sketch out a design, mines  a stag cause my mans a total stag grrrr.

  • I drew the design on his tee with biro and then started to block out bits I didnt want the fabric paint to get. Oh yes and I put a magazine inside the shirt not only to keep a flat surface but to stop the ink running through to the other side.

  • I poured out a bit of fabric paint and cut up an old cleaning sponge ready to start.

  • Start sponging that beast!

  • I dried it a bit with my hot air styling brush, classy.

  • Then peel the tape off carefully!

  • Yay, sorry about the poor photo skills, but you get the idea it kinda rocks.


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