so to bed…

At last I have finished my own version of a much wanted bed set. After seeing this:

…and realising I just dont have £115 to blow on a duvet set I tasked myself with making my own. I ordered some fabric from Holland (as PiP is Dutch) and did the job for about £50. Still a lot as I usually spend about £20 in TK Maxx, but so worth it. I also have made some lovely cushions recently that really complete the look.

The bedroom makeover is about 50% there, check it out…


too pretty


I love this owl print and frame I picked up from a charity shop and the pink frame is ‘Rice Denmark’ from Flo and Stan on Albert Road.



my current muse

This book is my current inspiration for style and colour. I adore ladybird books and have started collecting them.

My handmade patchwork lampshade arrived last week from ‘Folly and Glee’ I truly love it and know it will be treasured for many years.



Mini lapin has decided the bed is now hers.

Next is phase 2, office space.


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