got paid?

I love love love this time of the month and have decided to treat my house to few Spring items! We are also making over our bedroom this weekend and creating a proper office space so I will let you know how that goes, eek!



Ella Doran bits for Habitat

These Melamine plates are only £2.50 and cups for £1.50, perfect for garden parties, picnics or for kids.

click on images to see the rest of her range.

I adore these woven mats (£27) from Idyll Home great eco buy…

Indoor or outdoor poly mat “bird” in turquoise will add a splash of colour and vivacity to any room. Bright and beautiful the edge is finished in a pretty green or gold fabric trim.
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use as it is made from recycled plastic. These mats make great beach mats or yoga mats too.

I was thinking of one for the hall way the save the carpet from muddy shoes and bikes!

Carrying on the eco style these cloths are pretty and machine washable, so no need to keep buying cloths and chucking them out! Plus Hus and Hem have other super pretty Swedish designed stuff on offer.

You can always rely on Berry Red to have the best home and garden accessories and this Easter hanging bird one is no exception.

Make hanging the laundry out fun with these  Sparrow Pegs from Drift Living.


If Spring means we are going cycling more than you cant go wrong with this adorable satchel from Cloth-ears and the Wagtail range!

Well have a lovely weekend and I shall be posting about our decorating adventure too x




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